Monday, August 30, 2010

chocolatey wisdom

well it has finally happened folks, I have found something that may bring me equal pleasure to baking - making chocolates! I spent last Sunday with the lovely Linda from Wild Patch Chocolates who imparted much of her chocolatey wisdom upon me and not only did I come away with a new found respect for the role of the chocolatier, I also brought home loads of handmade chocolates! Boy, was I popular with the family! For anyone who's interested in chocolate (and honestly, who isn't?), I highly recommend attending a course through Wild Patch. There are courses for beginners to the more advanced and everyone gets to reap the spoils. So if you're looking to enhance your own culinary repertoire or maybe you've taken the Handmade Christmas Challenge too, check out what's on offer at Wild Patch .
A fine sample of Linda's handiwork (with a little of my, let's call it 'assistance') clockwise from top left - fig & muscat pyramid, cinnamon truffle, passionfruit, lemon meringue, raspberry heart, another lemon meringue, violet truffle (my very own creation!) and in the centre a solid white heart with ladybug.


  1. These look absolutely yummy and very special too! So professional. Glad you had fun at the course, hope you have many fun-filled days of chocolate making ahead hehe!

  2. Oh yum!! These brought a smile to my face :) Now it's got me thinking about making chocolates...